“Wine is a Food Group” – A Connecticut Wine Tour Extravaganza

For those of you who saw the 80’s flick Real Genius, you’ll recall the famous Val Kilmer line: “I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, “I drank what?…” WINE – You drank WINE, buddy. And so did we – a lot of it!

What would be a better way to celebrate Jackie’s bachelorette than to be chauffeured around to a bunch of amazing wineries in Litchfeild County with a gaggle of hilarious hot chicks? I can’t tell ya, sister, because we had a BLAST!

Cheese, chocolate, cupcakes, champagne, and a huge party limo were all we needed to hit up some of the most amazing wineries New England has to offer! Connecticut Valley Wineries was out first stop, followed by Sunset Meadows and Miranda Vineyards. We finished off the day at Haight-Brown Wineries where we ran into several people we had seen throughout the day who had the same idea as we all did and even had a limo competition with Gabby’s bachelorette party. Um, we won that one for sure – photo proof to follow! We finished up the night with some amazing food at Max Burger in West Hartford Center.

HUGE shout out to Maura who drove all the way here from Albany with the stomach flu, but was too sick to make it into the limo once she arrived. Major brownie points for making the turbulant trek to CT!

We really lucked out with amazing weather and we all couldn’t have been happier to celebrate with great friends! Hey, I even made it into a few pictures, too!




A Cold Winter’s Day at The Lace Factory – Cheyney Barrieau Photography

Outdoors in December is fun – except when its FAH-reeezing. Needless to say, this shoot went really quick! With owner Andrea’s lovely permission I rallied the troops, I mean, models and headed down to The Lace Factory in Deep River, CT. This place is FABULOUS. Carrie Roseman introduced me to this little gem during a bridal shoot (I was one of the models that day) and I immediately became obsessed! It is an off-beat, non-traditional wedding/event venue right on the river with gads of character and amazing places to shoot just steps from the front door. I HAD to shoot here. Tanner and Amanda were awesome to withstand the cold and really amazing wardrobe changes brought by the one and only Katrina Thrall. She styles all my model shoots and nails every single one – keep an eye on her, folks. Here’s a little taste of Lace!

I can’t wait to come back in the summer!




Jackie and Drew, “Let’s do Matrimony!” – Cheyney Barrieau Photography

‘Tis the season for engagements! So, why not have an e-session shoot at the top of a ski mountain in a blizzard? Seems normal enough, right?

My sister-in-law, Jackie, and her boyfriend Drew got engaged in December and thats when the fun began! We thought it would be fitting to have their e-session in the place they love the most – Vermont.

 Drew graduated from Champlain College in Burlington and Jackie’s parents have had their house in Londonderry for what seems like forever, so the location had enormous sentimental value to both. The house, or “The Mont House” as I like to call it, became the destination of choice for weekends in the wintertime for skiing, roaring fires, great food, and cozy company! So, how cool would it be to incorporate all things Vermont into their shoot? VERY cool (literally)!

7am arrival at Stratton Mountain was cold – really cold – and snowing. The setting was full of character but not too crowded with vacationers yet. I can’t forget to give a special thanks to Melissa Richmond at Stratton’s wedding office who gave us free reign of the grounds and mountain to get all these amazing shots! We shot all over: near the shops, by the lifts, in the gondolas, at the top of the mountain and at the way bottom of the mountain. We heard shouts of encouragement from onlookers and one skier yelled out “Yay love” – totally appropriate and a great line to sum up the adventures of the day!

Yes, we confused a lot of people, and many stopped to watch my stellar paparazzo skills, but all in all, the snow made for a picture perfect setting! Isn’t it nice to have a photographer in the family?

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