A Cold Winter’s Day at The Lace Factory – Cheyney Barrieau Photography

Outdoors in December is fun – except when its FAH-reeezing. Needless to say, this shoot went really quick! With owner Andrea’s lovely permission I rallied the troops, I mean, models and headed down to The Lace Factory in Deep River, CT. This place is FABULOUS. Carrie Roseman introduced me to this little gem during a bridal shoot (I was one of the models that day) and I immediately became obsessed! It is an off-beat, non-traditional wedding/event venue right on the river with gads of character and amazing places to shoot just steps from the front door. I HAD to shoot here. Tanner and Amanda were awesome to withstand the cold and really amazing wardrobe changes brought by the one and only Katrina Thrall. She styles all my model shoots and nails every single one – keep an eye on her, folks. Here’s a little taste of Lace!

I can’t wait to come back in the summer!




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