“Wine is a Food Group” – A Connecticut Wine Tour Extravaganza

For those of you who saw the 80’s flick¬†Real Genius, you’ll recall the famous Val Kilmer line: “I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, “I drank what?…” WINE – You drank WINE, buddy. And so did we – a lot of it!

What would be a better way to celebrate Jackie’s bachelorette than to be chauffeured around to a bunch of amazing wineries in Litchfeild County with a gaggle of hilarious hot chicks? I can’t tell ya, sister, because we had a BLAST!

Cheese, chocolate, cupcakes, champagne, and a huge party limo were all we needed to hit up some of the most amazing wineries New England has to offer!¬†Connecticut Valley Wineries was out first stop, followed by Sunset Meadows and Miranda Vineyards. We finished off the day at Haight-Brown Wineries where we ran into several people we had seen throughout the day who had the same idea as we all did and even had a limo competition with Gabby’s bachelorette party. Um, we won that one for sure – photo proof to follow! We finished up the night with some amazing food at Max Burger in West Hartford Center.

HUGE shout out to Maura who drove all the way here from Albany with the stomach flu, but was too sick to make it into the limo once she arrived. Major brownie points for making the turbulant trek to CT!

We really lucked out with amazing weather and we all couldn’t have been happier to celebrate with great friends! Hey, I even made it into a few pictures, too!




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